Rosie Perez

Rosie Perez is the founder and President of Let the Mountains Move Ministries.  Established in 2011 when the Lord put this ministry into her heart to lead.  The promise of this ministry doing many things has come to pass…again and again.  It became very clear very quickly that the Lord put no boundaries on this mission to be His hands and feet. 

Rosie is recently widowed, a mother of two awesome adults who are happy and blessed in their relationships. Rosie is further blessed with grandchildren and great-grandbabies! 

 Rosie truly began her walk with Jesus some time in the 90s.  That was when her heart desired to know more about Jesus Christ…so He began to teach.  In 2000, she was baptized as a believer of Christ Jesus.  Her family was right there with her as she proclaimed her allegiance. 

 Rosie states the purpose of this ministry like this...

 The purpose of Let the Mountains Move Ministries is to encourage and inspire women and their families to never give up.  To hold on to the Lord through life’s storms.  We do this through the voices of those who know who they are in Christ!  Everything we do is about meeting this mission.  Everything!

Delilah Perez

Delilah Perez is the Chairperson of Let the Mountains Move Ministries.  She is also the daughter of Rosie Perez.  Together, they established the Ministry and continue to work together to bring love and the mission of Let the Mountains Move Ministries to the women and their families. 

Delilah gave her life to the Lord one summer at Silver Birch Ranch in Wisconsin.  One of the favorite places the ministry goes to every year.

 Delilah is in an awesome relationship with Daniel, she is a mom of two adults who are extremely happy in their relationships and a brand new grandmother of two!  Delilah loves being their "GG" and makes it a point to be in their presence as much as possible.

 Delilah and Daniel own a very special cat…called QB.  He runs the house.

Sheilah Lofton

Sheilah Lofton was born and raised on the west side of Chicago. She gave her life to Christ at a young age. By the age of 18, she left the church speaking the words “I’ll never go back to church again!” Little did she know this was the start of her ministry for Christ? She married her childhood sweetheart Eddie Lofton and together they raised three children. They moved to Atlanta, GA and for 6 years their life would take a turn that would never be the same. In Atlanta she lived a life of spousal abuse, deceit, adultery, and drugs, which all were her training ground. “See God had set her up to set her out for His purpose.” Running in and out of church seeking help. Upon returning back home to Chicago, in 1996 she gave her life back to Christ where she attended MDO Bible & Training Ctr and learning how ministry operates more importantly establishing a relationship with GOD which is what was missing all those prior years. 
Alongside of husband Eddie, they Pastored Charity (Love) Christian Outreach Center an Outreach ministry on the Westside of Chicago, where they minister the word and love of Christ thru His deeds according to Matthew 25:35-40. 
She is now attending Hope Church with Pastors Hal & Dawn Kooistra located in LaGrange, Ill. Doing speaking engagements & small group workshops.

Autumn Diaz

Hello Friends,my name is Autumn Diaz, I have a wonderful husband Juan of 25 years and 3 beautiful children, Alejandra 25, Isaiah 23, Sebastian 20. I have 3 fur babies, Rex, Xander Bug and Luna Grace. I have 1 beautiful granddaughter Elizabeth Mae who just turned 1 years old in January and 2 grand pups Novee  and Odee. I am a member of Crossroads Christian Church and I have the privilege to lead my church family in worship on Sunday mornings. Watching our congregation engage with the holy spirt brings joy to my soul. I am an Officer with Let The Mountain Move Ministries. My joy is helping women in different seasons of life and sharing my health journey transformation with other women. “Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭95‬:‭1‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Debra Woods

Debra is an officer of Let The Mountains Move ministries, Inc. She is passionate about wholistic health helping others learn how to acheive it. She loves spending time with her family and she attends Westbrook Christian Church in Bolingbrook. 

Alicia Morado

Alicia was born and raised in Chicago and battled drug addiction for most of her early adult life. She found the Lord at a very low point in 1995 at the age of 30 with 4 children after her husband had just gone to prison. In the 29 years since, God has birthed in her a desire to sing for Him, help those who struggle with addiction, and serve families of the incarcerated. She is involved in missions work- both in Guatemala and in her community, has been an Angel Tree coordinator, and has also led recovery groups and women’s Bible studies. She moved to Joliet, IL 19 years ago and has attended Crossroads Christian Church for 14 years. Alicia has been married to Antonio for 42 years and they have 5 grown children and a 15 year old grandson.

Lisa Marsh

Lisa Marsh is the eldest girl of her six siblings. She attended, Martin Luther King, H.S, and Western Illinois University in Macomb where she received her Bachelors in Law Enforcement Administration.

Lisa worked 27 years in Federal Law Enforcement and retired December 2017, to run MsP’sGFree Inc as Founder/CEO. Mrs. Youlas Patterson-Brown, Lisa’s shero and mom is the inspiration and namesake of the company. MsP passed away at sixty (60) from congestive heart failure. James Patterson, Lisa’s dad, passed away at 42, from a stroke, and on October 23, 2018, Lisa lost a sister Venita (CoCo) Statam to a heart attack, Venita was 51.

Lisa is determined to take her family’s generational tragedy and turn it into triumph. MsP’sGFree Inc has products in 26 Whole Foods Market, and 44 Mariano’s locations in and around Chicagoland. MsP’sGFree also has items on Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, in Community Fresh Market, in Nourish + Bloom, Fayetteville Georgia, in Vintage Grocers, Malibu, Ca, and on their ecommerce website:

Lisa and MsPsGFree has won several accolades, the most recent being a Bey Good Foundation Grant, from Beyonce Knowles Carter in 2023.

Lisa and hubby have a blended family of two boys, two girls, and four wonderful grandchildren. All of whom Lisa plans to be around to see graduate from college, get married and successfully run their own businesses.

MsP’sGFree Inc is on a mission for optimal health and happiness, and inviting you join us! MsP’s has the following certifications:

Candice Hendricks

Candice is married to her loving husband David Hendricks and together they are raising a blended family of 7 amazing children aged from 25 to 6 years old with the bonus of being grandparents to 3 beautiful baby boys aged 18-7 months.

Ministry is Candice’s passion, her dedication to serving others in her community and her church. Using her time and talents to give back to the communities she serves. Candice main mission is to inspire others to experience the love of God and build a personal relationship with God.

The love she has for people and giving generously, she finds so much joy in being a blessing to everyone. Candice and David attend Crossroads Christian Church in Joliet.

Professionally Candice is an entrepreneur and runs multi-million-dollar businesses providing employment resources to communities with her Staffing Agency and on the job training with her warehouse logistics business she and her husband have a transportation business. Recently she has opened a faith driven subscription box and clothing business spreading God’s word and love.

Steph D. Clark

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Steph D. Clark is a humble servant of Christ who loves to encourage others to draw closer to him in their daily walk. As a young teen, she received Christ while watching a church service at her grandmother's house. However, it wasn't until she was a young adult facing difficult times that she literally ran to the alter of Christ for shelter.  

Steph has been married to her husband Jeff for 24 years. Together they have a blended family of two adults, two teenaged sons, two daughters in love, four grandchildren, and a fifth on the way.

Steph is a seminary educated, ordained minister of the Gospel who enjoys a career serving as Clinical Professional Chaplain, providing spiritual/emotional support to people of all walks of life.

Steph and her family have faithfully served at Crossroads Christian Church of Joliet for over ten years.

In her spare time, Steph has a myriad of creative gifts/hobbies (like coloring), but her oldest/fondest gift is singing! This gift has endured two thyroid surgeries successfully AND made room for her to lead countless people into the presence of God, sing/record original songs, sing at weddings, women's events, funerals, AND it has made its way into her practice as Chaplain! Praise God!

Tito Vega

Tito Vega is songwriter, worship leader, psalmist, Social & Emotional Learning Educator and Alopecia Advocate from Chicago, IL. Tito Vega comes from a generation of musicians and singers from a little town called Camuy in Puerto Rico. “Tito” Vega completed his first music production which was released on June 25th 2011. The message in this music production is the following: Hope in the Lord, Praise God in all circumstances and understand that worship is more than just a song. Every song in this production has been inspired through life experiences. The music production has songs in English and Spanish with styles ranging from Latin Jazz, Merengue, Soft Rock, Contemporary Worship and R&B. Tito Vega recently released a New English Salsa song in February 2021 called “Don’t Let Go” dedicated to his daughter Destiny who is coping with Alopecia. The song is also dedicated to anyone going through a life hardship. It’s a song about finding our identity in our faith and purpose regardless of what we go through. The song also has a music video of Destiny’s journey with Alopecia which illustrates her trust in God for His perfect plan in her journey. Tito Vega is also a part of an Alopecia Advocate group called Alopecia Support Group. Alopecia Support Group is an organization with a mission to insure that everyone going through Alopecia has a platform to heal emotionally. Tito's newest single "Don't Let Go" donates a percentage to Alopecia Support Group through every download or purchase.

David Hendricks

David is married to his beautiful wife Candice Hendricks and together they have 7 children and have 3 grandchildren that keeps them very busy.

David graduated from Kentucky State University with a major in communications and journalism and a minor in music. 

David has toured the US singing in many musicals and operas including the famous Porgy and Bess. 

David and Candice attend Crossroads Christian Church in Joliet where David serves on the worship team.

Joanna Ruiz

Joanna Ruiz is 18 years old and grew up in Bolingbrook, IL. Singing has been her passion ever since she was little and has involved herself in many choirs at Bolingbrook High school. Joanna had her encounter with God at 16, when a friend brought her to Westbrook Christian Church, where she has also stayed ever since. You may have seen her at church in the back with Westbrook Kids or up on stage leading worship. She hopes that through music, she can reach people and provide them with worship that can impact them and compel them to grow closer to God. 

Tatiana Overton

Tatiana Overton is 19 years old, born and raised in Bolingbrook, IL. She has attended Westbrook Christian Church in Bolingbrook since she was 5 years old. There, you can catch her serving on the worship, tech, and children ministry teams for both her English and Spanish congregations. Having a father who was a pastor and a mother who works at her home church, Tatiana has been immersed in Christ from a young age and gave her life to Him at 12 years old in water baptism. Now, she attends Concordia University Chicago as a freshman this year, where she is double majoring in Spanish & Elementary Education with hopes to be a bilingual teacher for young children whom come to the United States from Spanish-speaking countries.